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93.7% of users prefer Fera ON over energy drinks. So say goodbye to sweaty hands and shaky performance.

Crash-free. Healthy. Powerful.

93.7% of users prefer Fera ON over energy drinks. So say goodbye to sweaty hands and shaky performance.


Crash-free. Healthy. Powerful.

93.7% of users prefer Fera ON over energy drinks. So say goodbye to sweaty hands and shaky performance.


Fera ON is a badass brain booster that helps you keep your head in the game and your body under control. Get ready for steady energy, quick reactions, and a killer focus. And the all-natural formula gives you a dose of healthy nutrients for max support. Both on and offline.

Do you lose focus easily? Struggle to stay awake? Literally sick and tired of sugary energy drinks giving you the jitters and fueling your already heightened stress and anxiety?

Fera ON gives you a crash-free boost for both body and brain. Our magic formula of 13 healthy, plant-based ingredients helps improve your performance.

Get ready for faster reaction times, better focus, more brainpower, and less stress. It’s time to enjoy gaming again.

Why Gamers Pick Us

Fera ON helps you flip the switch to unleash your inner beast. Razor-sharp focus, optimal eyesight, and super quick reflexes to never miss your target. But that’s not all. Have a look for yourself why we are the #1 choice among gamers. As rated by gamers.

“I used to get all stressed out and shaky after like 5+ hours in. Guess chucking Monster like its water didn’t help either lol. Fera ON gives me a shit-ton of energy but without the crash I got after energy drinks. Defo more focused and quicker responses; and no jitters or stress from it which is awesome! Game changer for sure!”
Jason F., 23
Cleveland, United States
“FeraON is such a cool product I been taking it for 2 months and honestly enjoy gaming a lot more again. Easily stay alert and awake for longer tournaments! No side effects and can’t believe it’s actually healthy for you as well!!”
Kyle R., 18
Winnipeg, Canada
“Heard about it on Twitch. Awesome stuff! Absolutely love using Fera ON while gaming. Memory, focus, attention, energy. Also not that expensive for what you get either though can’t afford every day so save it for big tournaments only”
Takuya L., 28
Bristol, United Kingdom
“I used to just eat junk food all day but been trying to get bit more healthy lately so thought I try Fera ON instead of sugary energy drinks; my attention span and reaction times actually become better and I feel healthier; recommend”
Naeem B., 24
Sacramento, United States


Fera ON helps you game better while giving your body a healthy kick. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll get. And how it’ll help you dominate any battlefield. We promise.

Instant results

Fera ON’s special blend of fast-acting ingredients quickly boosts your abilities. Right when you need it.

Raise your energy levels, heighten your focus, and power-up your performance. Instantly. And reduce stress and anxiety to keep your mind steady and your head in the game. Always.

Lasting benefits

The natural ingredients in Fera ON help improve your health, long after you’ve logged out. Special nutrients and herbal extracts support vision and stimulate brainpower. That means sharp eyesight for that perfect aim and boosted memory to solve any riddle.

And the longer you give your body these essential nutrients, the bigger the rewards.

Zero crash-effect

You need a level up, not a limited boost. Unlike sugary energy drinks, Fera ON keeps your energy levels right where you want them. Zero crash or side effects. Just steady badassery.

Adding Fera ON to your arsenal is like kicking off each game with a prime loot box. So how do we give you all this? With science, b*tch!


Fera ON harnesses the power of 13 vegan-friendly plant and herb extracts. Only natural ingredients, zero additives. Proven to help your body stay healthy and your mind focussed.

Our safe and natural brain-boosting supplement helps you get a great game, every game. Clear up brain fog, boost attention span, and fight fatigue with just two tasty tablets a day.

The ingredients are quickly absorbed by your body to give you all those benefits. Instantly. With Fera ON, you simply flip the switch to unleash your inner beast.

So what are those super special ingredients we love so much?

Time for some science.


Fera ON’s unique formula produces the powerful effect you need to game better. Our 13 natural, vegan-friendly ingredients all play their part in boosting your body. That means no fillers and nothing artificial. Just pure force wrapped up in a tasty tablet.


“This stuff helped me through a few big matches. Really cool stuff. Use it when playing on PokerStars mostly to keep focus for hours. Can better keep my nervous under control too which has definitely helped me win a few extra hands hahaha”
Mike Q., 20
Tulsa, United States
“Legit best way to stay awake and alert during games forsure! Most of my clan live in Asia so I often game at super awkward/late times, used to just drink loads of energys but gives such a gross taste and dont think its super healthy either. FeraON gives better energy and kick but without the bad part. Really happy I found it. KEep it up guys!!!”
Megan B., 19
Asheville, United States
“I’ve been using Fera ON for about two months now. It’s amazing! I can tell I have a lot more energy and I literally have a better reaction time when playing high speed games (love it for endurance tracks on Trackmania). Eyes seem to stay focused better too. I recommend it to anyone!”
Izzy C., 24
New York, United States
“I like how it reduces my stress and anxiety when i game. Thank you.”
Nate R., 20
Madison, United States
“My doctor told me to lose weight and get in shape more. Thought I try Fera ON instead of energy drinks since it’s all plant based and healthy ingredients. Been taking about three weeks now and feel more healthy and gaming has actually improved. Still early days but so far so good!”
Hans P., 25
Portland, United States
“Beats coffee and energy drink. Just two tablets instead of drinking few cans of cups so that’s easy. Not super cheap but worth it i think.”
Jamal A., 31
Kingston, Canada


You’ll Game Better or We’ll Pay You Back

Yeah, you read that right. That’s how sure we are that you’ll love Fera ON. Our perfectly blended potion is so jam-packed with healthy, scientifically-backed ingredients that we’re willing to bet you on it.

You go ahead and try it out for yourself first. If you’re not completely happy with the result you can simply return your unused, unopened Fera ON within 100 days of receiving your order. We’ll refund everything you paid us, excluding shipping charges. It’s that simple.

But we’re sure you won’t take us up on it. Because you want better focus, more energy, and less stress and anxiety. And we’re convinced Fera ON will give you all that (and a lot more). So try yours today, risk-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why would you? Fera ON contains everything you need to stimulate your body, completely crash-free.

But to answer your question. We do not recommend taking Fera ON together with other stimulants (like an energy drink or coffee).

Fera ON has been carefully formulated to boost your body without the negative effects you might get from using other stimulants. By using other stimulants alongside our product you might mess up that fine balance.

Although Fera ON is made of 100% safe and natural ingredients, you should always check with your doctor if you have a medical condition to see if our formula is suitable for you.

This includes if you are taking any medication.

It’s easy. Just take two Fera ON tablets before you need your peak performance. You can choose to chew or suck them. Either way, Fera ON’s fast-acting formula will start working instantly to boost your body and mind. Enjoy!

Yes. Fera ON is made of 100% natural and safe ingredients.

All ingredients have been tested for safety and carefully chosen to ensure they give you all the best benefits, without any side effects. Fera ON is also completely crash-free, unlike most sugary energy drinks, making Fera ON a more healthy alternative.

Yes. Fera ON is made of all-natural, plant-based ingredients and does not contain any animal products. Good for animals, the planet, and your health. That’s how we like it.

Fera ON helps you game better. Our scientifically backed product helps maximize focus, improve reaction time, and support memory. It also helps fight fatigue, stress, and anxiety. All through the use of 100% natural, healthy ingredients that don’t cause a crash or side effects. Just pure power.

We’re convinced you’ll be happy with your purchase. If for some reason you are not fully satisfied with our product you can simply return your unused, unopened Fera ON within 100 days of receiving it to receive a full refund, excluding shipping charges.

It’s kind of our motto: You’ll game better or we’ll pay you back. It’s that simple.

No. Fera ON is made of 100% natural and safe ingredients. All the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herb extracts found in our formula have been thoroughly tested and do not cause any side effects. You should always stick to the recommended dosage as specified on the packaging.

Oh, you’ll know… Fera ON’s fast-acting formula helps improve your focus, fight fatigue, support memory, and control your stress levels. And the beauty of Fera ON is that it’s all natural and doesn’t give any negative effects or crash afterwards. So expect to feel alert, focused, awake and calm.

Hell yeah! Although Fera ON was specifically designed for gamers you can benefit from it offline as well. The heightened focus and attention span you get from Fera ON can help you cram for your next exam or prep for a job interview. Many fellow users have mentioned to us how Fera ON has helped them outside of gaming as well.

Although Fera ON is healthy and good for you, there is still such a thing as too much good stuff. That’s why we advise you to stick to the recommended dosage of 4 tablets a day. But don’t worry, we’re convinced you don’t need more than that to feel great.

No. You can safely use Fera ON during your competitions or tournaments. Our formula is fully compliant with the guidelines of the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA).

Definitely. Our healthy ingredients are not known to cause any negative interactions with other vitamins. Of course, we do advise you to stick to the recommended dosage for both Fera ON and your other vitamins.